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About Daniel Raphael
by the author
October 15, 2019

It seems that spirituality was always a thought in my mind as I struggled with the traditional Christian religion that I was raised with. Two academic quarters at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1966-67, convinced me that there wasn’t a possibility of discovering a personal relationship with the Creator, as they taught it.

Fast forward to August 30, 1990 when I fell off a 6’ ladder head first onto a concrete floor. The result was dramatically transpersonal. Couple that the with an out-of-body experience with my Guardian Angel standing beside me as I look down at my body on the floor with absolutely no sentiment about it. Without words I realized that I had a choice to stay the program and finish my life on the planet, or translate to a morontial spiritual dimension.

It took four years to recover my cognitive functions, and in the meantime the thick tapestry of consciousness had thinned to that of gauze. I had always been prescient since age eight, but now my psychic abilities had begun to become evident, and I eventually became a professional psychic for eleven years at a local metaphysical bookstore.

By late 1994 I had become a clairaudient channel, albeit halting. In 1990 that skill became conversationally fluent so that the Celestial could speak through me fluently, and to answer questions easily as well.

In 2001 I became the primary channel for the Northern Colorado Teaching Mission TeaM, “NOCO.” Now, it is mid-2019 and NOCO has over 450 transcribed transmissions in the BIGMACSPEAKS.com website.

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