About the Content of BigMacSpeaks.com
by Daniel Raphael
October 15, 2019

BigMacSpeaks is the online library for the NOCO transcripts that were recorded in Loveland, Colorado, other locations, and via conference call from 2001 to the present. The primary channel has and still is Daniel Raphael. Those recordings were and are still are being transcribed by Roxanne Andrews of Loveland. The content of this site would not exist if it were not for Roxanne’s persevering dedication to Christ Michael’s Correcting Time program.

During Daniel’s recovery time of four years in Salem, Oregon, he spent two years living in the basement of a Metaphysical Bookstore where he became intimately acquainted with the wide spectrum of non-physical beings who populate the universe. From his experience since 1972 reading The URANTIA Book, it has been his single focus to channel only the spiritual beings who “occupy the corporate structure” for the management and administration of the universe, particularly for this planet.

The orders of spiritual beings that he has channeled include Universe Creator Sons and Daughters, Avonals, Melchizedeks, members of the Most Highs, numerous orders of angels, Spiritual Teachers (graduated mortals), Mid-Wayers, his own Spiritual Teacher, Mor-Gan, and many others. He is in frequent daily contact with the God Presence within himself, as well as his Guardian Angel, Leah, and the current assigned Melchizedek who has acted as his silent muse, mentor, advisor, and congenial critic for Daniel’s prodigious production of concepts and papers, particularly since 2006 to the present.

The esoteric materials that were co-creatively written are collected here in this website, and those that are not spiritually or esoterically oriented are located in his Google website.


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