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As we individually evolve, so will our society and civilization. We must move above and beyond the current paradigms and update our minds to a sense of Oneness with each other, for the betterment of each other, without the caveat of, “What’s in it for me?” or “I must have more than I need!”. To do this, we must elevate our visions of who, why and what we are as human beings. Take time to, “imagine a world 500 years from now that is sustainable,” what would that look like?

We MUST incorporate into our daily psyche what it means to have a fair, wholesome, healthy, and sustainable culture.

We MUST recognize the desperate needs for sustainable options, choices, decisions and actions which will honor both the material and social realms of human existence.

We MUST also consider the long-term consequences of those choices not only for ourselves in the immediate present but for all who come after us. Quantity has no meaning to Life, if Life has no Quality of living.

Our civilization must be based on Fairness, Service, Beauty, Truth, Goodness and Love, all of which are applied through core values and ethical systems of behavior and thought.

These social pillars we will need to use to establish our connection to each other and our personal relationship to the Father of All toward a more certain future. Peace be with you.


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